These personalized books include in the text certain personal information of the child.  This allows the child within the context of the story to live in the story usually assisting the heroes.

Each catagory of books requires information appropriate for that catagory. For example: sport books may ask for the child's favorite player; also, for school books, we may ask for the child's favorite teacher and school. The Baby Book incorporates much information about the birth. Examples of the personal data are: Child's name; age; gender; friends and relatives (up to three); hometown and state; giver of the book; etc.

The books are high quality, cleanable hard covers with beautiful glossy and matt pages.

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Looking at the above photos, you can see how joyful and relaxing it can be to read. These books last for years. Many adults treasure these books all their lives. The above photos reflect quiet reading, reading with Mommy, playing sports referenced in some sports books, brother and sister sharing, and older sister and brother reading books of special interest for themselves. 

 IMPORTANT!!  From time to time for various reasons, we must discontinue certain books. The books can be sold from inventory; but, they cannot be advertised. Therefore, if you do not see exactly what you would like or you want to find out what other books BJM still has in inventory, please contact BJM (see the Contact Info on the right of this page). These books are usually very popular children's known characters and cartoon characters. These also have some additional discounts because they cannot be advertised.