Stunt and Fun Scale

CLB-31 spitfireXVI.jpg Spitfile XVI
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Brodak CLB-31

A fighter par excellence. Sheer perfection of line and handling.

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Brodak CLB-30

Semi-Scale Stunt Model. First real fighter from the summer of 1943.

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Brodak CLP-29

The most unique design characteristic of the Corsair is the inverted gull wing. It was specially designed for carrier.

CLP-33_P-51Bmustang.gif P51B Mustang
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Brodak CLP-33
Profile Semi-scale stunt. Tested thoroughly.
CLP-34_A6Mzero.gif A6M Zero
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Brodak CLP-34
Profile Semi-scale stunt. Tested thoroughly.
CLP-35_messerschmittME-109.gif Messerschmitt Me-109
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Brodak CLP-35
A profile semi-scale stunt model. Thorough testing.
CLP-36_Focke-WulfFW190.gif Focke-Wulf FW 190
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Brodak CLP-36
A profile semi-scale stunt that was refined and tested to the extremes.
CLP-37_martinAM-1mauler.gif Martin AM-1 Mauler
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Brodak CLP-37
Profile semi-scale stunt highly refined and tested.
CLP-38_hawkerseahurricane.gif Hawker Sea Hurricane
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Brodak CLP-38
Profile semi-scale stunt refined and tested.
CLP-40_lavochkinLaGG-3.gif Lavochkin LaGG-3
$109.99 $98.99 On Sale!
Brodak CLP-40
Profile semi-stunt greatly refined and tested.
CLP-59 P-40B.jpg P-40B
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Brodak CLP-59

Our P-40 is our newest member to our War Bird series. This kit can be built either as a fun scale airplane or a stunt airplane.

CLP-77 Hellcat.jpg F6F-3 Hellcat
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Brodak CLP-77
Designed to counter the Japanese air superiorty of the Zero. By the end of the war, Hellcats claimed over 5000 kills.