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Brodak Manufacturing opened its doors in 1994 with the goal of reviving control-line building and flying. For over 60 years control-line modeling had been king. Now it was being challenged by RC. Control-line building and flying had taken a second seat to the new face of Radio Control modeling.

In 1997, John Brodak organized the first Brodak Fly-In to bring together control-line builders and flyers to help spread the word that control-line is a great sport. The sport is also a good way to bring members of families together. Every year the Fly-In has grown bigger and become highly respected to where it may be the best and largest control line contest in the country and possibly world. This contest and the company have become international in breadth.

Most of the Brodak models are kits which are required to be constructed. However, with the growth of ARF (Almost Ready to Fly), RTF (Ready To Fly), and ARC (Almost Ready to Cover) models; John has become the center of this area of modeling. These models require a minimum amount of work to be put into the air. The regular kits vary in complexity from very simple to build to complex. The basic designs are also very strong. This is necessary for the occasional "hard landing" and other "hard ground contacts".


Also, if you order a model AND an engine at the same time, BJM will give an additional discount when BJM charges the S/H (See the Shopping Cart  for S/H details).

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