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 RSM Distribution was established in December 1989 to provide a source for hard to find control line products that were disappearing quickly from the local hobby shop shelves. By 1992 it became apparent that quality control line kits were simply unavailable. Most manufacturers were eliminating the C/L kits. A control line flyer was forced to obtain a set of plans and scratch build. RSM Distribution decided to get involved in kit design and manufacturing. The popularity of the VSC showed that many control line flyers enjoyed the Old Time and Classic designs with which many modelers grew up. Now RSM’s primary concentration would be in this class of kits using only "contest" weight balsa. In this way the company could provide kits that were lightweight and capable of contest level performance. In 2001 RSM started laser cuttering. It offered extreme accuracy and the ability to make very intricate cut patterns.
The company policy is to continually seek out new products that can be used by the control line flyer, stock those products or have them manufactured if they are not available and continue to add new control line kits.

Also, if you order a model AND an engine at the same time, BJM will give an additional discount when BJM charges the S/H (See the Shopping Cart  for S/H details).

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