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BJM Enterprises headed by Bill Mandakis (BJM). The Modeling Division of BJM Enterprises has been in existence for over 10 years. We are specialists in the control line (or u-control) modeling. Over these years it has expanded its product base to include a broad spectrum of models, engines, and all modeling needs. For years, BJM has been very successful in satisfying customers all over the world.


Also, if you order a model AND an engine at the same time, BJM will give an additional discount when BJM charges the S/H (See the Shopping Cart  for S/H details).


As shown on the Model Shop home page, BJM represents various well known, well established companies for high quality, fairly priced materials for the control line sport. 

BJM released a first line competition profile stunt model in the Enterprise-PRO. Also, in trying to keep up with the latest in design and technologies, BJM saw the increase in electric models over the past few years. In order to better serve some control line modelers interested in electric, BJM released its answer to the electric interest. It is a full precision stunt model kit with full electric power.

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