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Black Hawk Models is proud to produce and sell some of the finest models in the industry. The majority of Black Hawk models are established vintage models originally distributed by Scientific Models. The quality of these models is some of the finest in the industry. Their devotion to their customers and their community makes them stand out.

Walter "Walt" Musciano is a legend in control line flying. An award winning designer and flyer, he is best known for the numerous great designs he created for the Scientific model Company in the 50s and 60s. Black Hawk Models is proud to offer a collection of these designs to the current control line flying community. Walt is a design consultant on these kits, and carry his endorsement to ensure that they meet his design standards. Young modelers will find these designs easy to build and fly, while older modelers will re-live the excitement of their first modeling experiences.
Dick Sarpolus is another well known designer, flyer, and author. Black Hawk Models is proud to present a collection of Dick's 1/2 A profile semi-scale designs. Intended for higher powered engines, these larger size kits are a thrill to fly for sport or in slow combat.

As you can see, this is not only a well established, strong company with a good reputation, but, it also represents some of the top control line modeling companies in the country.

Also, if you order a model AND an engine at the same time, BJM will give an additional discount when BJM charges the S/H (See the Shopping Cart  for S/H details).

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