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Over the years we had many, many choices. As time moved on, many manufacturers moved out of the business. Several companies represented by BJM picked up the slack and started to organize as well as manufacture their own products. This was great. Now we have many great engines from which to select.

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Saito .40 RC


Saito has perfected four-stroke engine technology for RC model airplanes. Using a unique one-piece hemispherical head design, they produce power-to-weight ratios that are superior to anything else in their class. They also have an unmistakable sound that is guaranteed to grab attention at the flying field.

Kit Features:

Specs Type:4-stroke Displacement:.40 cu in (6.60 cc) Bore:0.86 in (22.0 mm) Stroke:0.68 in (17.40 mm) Cylinders:Single - Chrome Plated Total Weight:10.64 oz Engine (Only) Weight:10.24 oz Muffler Weight:0.40 oz Crankshaft Threads:1/4 x 28 Benchmark Prop:11x5 APC @ 10,600 Prop Range:10x7 - 11x6 RPM Range:2,000 - 12,000 Fuel:10%-30% Synthetic Mounting Dimensions:88 x 45 x 93 mm Muffler Type:2 - Piece HP:0.65 Cylinder Type:AAC Carb Type:Barrel, 2 Needle Valve Crank Type:Ball Bearing