RSM Propellers

These RSM props are CNC machined on a 3 axis router to insure that both blades are identical. They have a high quality finish applied to resist fuel deterioration. The finish gives a smooth prop face combined with thin blade that reduces load on engine. They have an efficient airfoil shape with 20 thousands of an inch undercamber to increase thrust.

RSM compared their props against other well-known props for optimum performance. This engine was chosen to determine how much the test props would load down the engine. Optimum engine performance was obtained for each prop tested. The RSM prop surpassed the other props in attained RPM and thrust in all flight positions, especially above the 45 degree control line angle.

rsmprop.jpg RSM Propeller 9X5.5
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rsmprop.jpg RSM Propeller 10X5.5
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rsmprop.jpg RSM Propeller 11X5.5
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