Cosmic Wind "Little Toni"

Brodak CLP-14
Price: $39.99 $36.99 On Sale!


Wing Span:  24 1/2 in

Plane Length:  16 1/4 in

Wing Area:  121 sq in

Engine:  .049


This kit is fun to build and great to fly! It is precision engineered, with built-up wings to give you maximum performance! Improve your skills as you build and fly the complete series! Enjoy flying the way it was meant to be!


Kit Features:

Full-size plans, Step-by-step instructions with 12 pages and more than 75 photos, Select AAA balsa, Precision laser-cut parts, Decals, Weight, Control horn, Motor mount, Wheels, Bellcrank, Brass Eyelets, Silkspan, Cloth hinges, Leadout wires, Nuts and bolts