Purpose of the Writing of Daniel

Most commentators say the book was written as a book of hope and comfort. How can a book, which vividly describes oppression and death, be comforting? Knowing what is going to happen is tough; but, the most important part is knowing it was foretold by God. Suffer, we will. But, because of the omnipotence of God, we will never have more temptations or oppression than we are able to handle. Daniel spoke to kings and the common people. Daniel is decreeing God is sovereign over all persons whether high or low on the status ladder. All things continue until God's wills done; even ruthless kings and other heartless leaders continue. God permits their pride and greed for His time; but also, in His time, they will be humbled. These are really the thoughts of all the great prophets and personalities in the Bible. God presides over the world.

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