Chapter 3..... THE FALL

This chapter brings out the first "I didn't do it; he did it!" statement. The first chapter told us about the overall picture of creation. The second chapter tells us in more detail what happened during the first chapter. The third chapter takes the people and gives them the opportunity to obey God or not, i.e. use our "free will". That is one of the characteristics God gave to us. Otherwise, we would be robots, doing what is "programmed" into by God. But He did not do that. He gave us all the ability to discern the right thing to do from the wrong thing to do. We will see that we have weak wills. We are also gullible. We can believe anyone with charisma. We will learn of what is believed to be the first blood sacrifice. You will be surprised to learn who did it. We will also experience first hand God's anger and power for righteousness. We do have a God who has love and wrath. A God of love will discipline just as a father of love will discipline his children. With disobedience, God could just forget us and let us go our merry way. However, because He is a God of love and grace, He gives us chance after chance to obey Him. We are all doomed unless God does something. In chapter 3 He tells us that the giving of blood will be necessary to save us. Someone will have to take our place in suffering to "pay" for our wrongs. This prediction of something to come.

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