Chapter 4 ... Cain and Abel

This is the chapter that describes the well known first murder. This is a case of disobedience, greed, jealousy, and pride. Adam and Eve had two boys Cain and Abel. One can see through the reading of the Bible that Cain typifies the "seed of the serpent" that was brought out in chapter 3. While Abel typifies the "seed of the woman". In chapter 4, offerings were to be given to God. For reasons of lack of concern and love for God, Cain's offering was not acceptable to God. Abel's was acceptable. CAIN KILLS ABEL. Not only was this bad, but Cain tried to "play" with God. Of course, that does not work. So Cain was banished from the land of the parents. Although Cain did not deserve it, God protects Cain from death. Cain goes to the land of Nod with his wife. The rest of the chapter is the lineage of Cain..

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