Chapter 5 ... Genealogy of Adam

This chapter establishes the lineage of Cain to Noah. These "begats" may seem a little trivial or unimportant. In fact, these pieces of information are some of the most important in the Bible. First, they give the genealogy toward Jesus. Second, They establish history. Without these listings of heritage of various people, we would not be able to trace backward toward creation.

The chapter first restates that God created man and woman, male and female, in the likeness of God. God blessed these persons and named them Man. This is one of the statements which lend themselves to allow us to understand that much of the "man" used in the Bible (unless very obviously man or woman) to designate both men and women. The word "adam" can mean man, mankind, person, persons, someone, human, mortal, and similar terminology. Most of the chapter will be presented in graphical format. It will be much easier to "see" the genealogy in some detail without the reading of words.

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