Chapter 6

This starts the end of the first age of the earth. It describes in detail what God is going to do to start the earth "anew". God describes the condition of the world. He discusses the evils of the world that are so bad He states He wishes He did not make Man. He must choose someone with whom He entrusts all future generations of humans. He chooses Noah. Noah was a righteous man that God instructs very clearly on the building of a boat that will save Noah's family of the first great coming world disaster, a universal flood. He tells of the materials to be used and especially the size of the boat or Ark, as it commonly called. God says to Noah that He is going to destroy all life on earth with a flood. Noah and his family will be safe on this boat. In addition to Noah and his family being saved, God instructs Noah to take examples of all the animals of the earth so that the earth can be replenished after the catastrophe. It also means that all of us are descended from Noah.

This is ending of the earth has the characteristics that Jesus says will be again at the "end of the age", i.e. the end of the world as we know it. Jesus likens the end of the age as it was in the "days of Noah". The apostles ask Jesus for the signs of His coming again and the end of the age. There were certain "signs" that were necessary. This is an important passage because it verifies through the words of Jesus the historicity of the story of Noah
(Matt. 24:37-39).

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