Chapter 7
Noah had been chosen by God to live. Why? Scripture says that Noah was righteous with God. In those days, there were no major rules to follow God. There were no Ten Commandments. Without a guideline such as the Law, was there sin? Whatever there was in those days, Noah lived it. God directs Noah to collect his family (sons and wives) and the animals that will go into the ark. God describes the animals and the number of those animals to go into the ark.

Now the waters start. Scientists say that if it rained as stated in scripture there would only be about two inches of water on the earth. If that is true, from where did all the water come? Now with the water on the earth, how long did it stay? These are not important for salvation. However, the whole of the story of the flood is so important to establish a base of one's belief of the power of God and the righteousness of God.

Is this Flood really important? Does it matter whether there was a universal or local flood? Are we all truly descended from Noah? These questions bring into being the almost impossible to believe flood where, if you looked at the globe from space, the entire globe would be water. That is hard for fundamental Bible believers to accept (though we do by faith). If the evolutionists are correct, the evolutionists do not need any god, especially our God. The earth has suffered continuously from the Curse. There has been heat, cold, floods, droughts, earthquakes, eruptions, etc. Believers have been intimidated for about 100 years by geologists and paleontologists who explain earth history in terms of very slow but uniform changes over very long periods of time. There has been much mental gymnastics trying to make the Bible Flood a local flood. It is VERY clear the Bible fully describes a universal flood.

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