Chapter 8
This chapter starts at the receding of the waters. However, let's look at the waters at this point. Was the flood universal (world wide)? There are different considerations that will give an outlook on that point. Remember, we are taking a Biblical view; we are not taking a secular view. Since all Creationism is based on the Bible and science, the Biblical view has more foundation for the creation story than the "theory" of evolution or the theory of a "local" flood or no flood at all. Ken Ham makes a very good discussion in the Answers Book (in Bibliography). He makes the following points:

  • The Need for the Ark would not be necessary at all if the flood were local The people and animals could just mover to higher ground.
  • The size of the Ark would not have had to be as large as it was. This was the largest ocean going vessel known to man until the mid 1800's when the ocean liners were getting bigger (made also in the same ratio of dimensions).
  • There would not have been any need to have the animals in the Ark because they could be on higher ground and could still propagate their species.
  • Even the birds would not have been needed for a local flood. The birds could fly over the catastrophe and come back to the Ark.
  • God sent the judgment on all. If He limited the flood to a local area, He would not have exercised His judgment fairly and righteously.
  • Jesus spoke of the coming judgment of the world as the same as a universal judgment of Noah's flood (Matt. 24:37-39; Luke 17:27; 2 Peter 2:5; 1 Peter 3:20)
  • The waters were above the highest mountains by over 20 feet. Since water seeks its own level (scientific point), the water would by definition have to be over all the earth.
  • The duration of the flood was over a year. This would have been an excessive amount of time for a local flood to drain away (Time Analysis)
  • God's promise would have been broken. He said He would never send a flood such as this one. We have had enumerable floods that were local. Therefore, God would have lied about not sending anymore floods. Of course, God does not lie.
  • The genealogies in the Bible are from Adam before Noah and from Noah after the flood. Therefore, we were all descended from Noah.
The waters came and flooded the earth. Now the waters start receding. This chapter starts with the earth having water on it for 150 days. God still remembered Noah. The ark tossed to and fro with the tremendous actions of the flood waters from above and below. The moving power of moving water causing massive erosion and the re-depositing of great amount of sediment. Such a flood caused the re deposited materials to form in layers or Strata. Within those strata, in modern times, have been found materials and animal materials. These strata tell their own stories. Those stories are what Creationist uses that actually tell much history, especially about the flood. There is much evidence that those strata were formed quickly. That means days, not thousands or millions of years. The existence of fossils also show great evidence of forming quickly. Fossils are one of the prime materials used by archeologists for history.

It is an accepted fact that the proportions of this ark were and still are considered ideal for stability. God knew what He was doing. It was a colossus of a feat to build it; but it was home and protection to Noah, his family, and all the animals for a long time. In this chapter we will look at the actual timing of the flood and what was done by Noah to find out when it was the correct time to open the ark and to out to start the new world. This chapter ends the actual water conditions of the earth. God gave us everything we needed from the very beginning. We did not make proper use of His offerings to us. We did all that could be done to discourage Him. He then decided to end it all and start again. As we go forth, we will find out whether God did any better with the new generations through Noah's family.

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