Chapter 9
Noah now turns his family out to the earth to be fruitful and multiply. Also, the animals are removed from the Ark. In this chapter, there are several very controversial stories to consider. It is interesting to note what God says about the food relationships of animals and humans. In addition, he speaks of shedding blood when a man shed's another man's blood.

This is the chapter where God makes the famous Rainbow Covenant with Noah. He speaks of never having another flood of this size. Remember from the previous chapter that the universal vs. local flood was discussed. If the Flood were a local flood, then God lied. That is because we have had local floods forever since the Flood. So, it must have been a universal flood since God cannot lie.

The final controversial scripture is the area that discusses the sin of the sons on Noah while he was sleeping. This is where a son is accused of homosexuality. It seems rather clear in scripture; but, it is not liked to be accepted by the public. Noah says curses to the sons appropriate for what they had done or not done.

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