Introduction to Genesis Study Article 1
Reconcilation of Archeology and Genesis Article 2
Chapter 1 Introduction
First Day 1:3-5
Second Day 1:6-8
Third Day 1:9-13
Fourth Day 1:14-19
Fifth Day 1:20-23
Sixth Day 1:24-31
Six Days Summary Summary
Chapter 2 Introduction
Seventh Day 2:1-2
Reiteration of Creation 2:3-7
Description of Garden of Eden 2:8-14
Details of Adam and Eve 2:15-25
Chapter 3 Introduction
The Temptation of Eve 3:1-5
God's Encounter with Adam and Eve 3:6-13
God's Curse on Satan 3:14
God's Prediction of Salvation 3:15
God's Admonishment of Adam, Eve, and Serpent 3:16-20
First Recorded Blood Sacrifice 3: 21
Out of the Garden for Good 3:22-24
Chapter 4 Introduction
Cain Kills Abel 4:1-8
God's Admonishment of Cain 4:9-15
Genealogy of Cain 4:16-25
Chapter 5 Introduction
Genealogy of Adam 5:1-32
Chapter 6 Introduction
God's Description of Evil World 6:1-8
Calling of Noah 6:9-13
Description of Ark 6:14-22
Chapter 7 Introduction
Noah's Preparation of Ark 7:1-9
The Waters Start! 7:10-24
Chapter 8 Introduction
Description of Life on the Ark After Water Stops 8:1-14
Analysis of Number of Days Information
Noah Leaves the Ark 8:15-22
Chapter 9 Introduction
God's Blessing on the Earth 9:1-7
God's Covenant with Noah 9:8-17
Sin of Sons on Noah 9:18-29
Chapter 10 Introduction
Genealogy and Nations of Japheth 10:1-5
Genealogy and Nations of Ham 10:6-21
Genealogy and Nations of Shem 10:22-32
Chapter 11 Introduction
Tower of Babel 11:1-9
Second Genealogy of Shem 11:10-25
Introduction of Genealogy of Terah (father of Abraham) 11:26-32
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