Chapter 1 (Six Days) Summary

It is appropriate to review what Chapter 1 revealed to us. We will not summarize every chapter; however, this first chapter has a lot of meat in it.

We looked at questions related to long or old earth theory. There was a "gap theory" that was used by those who believe in God to explain earth and life while including modern science and evolution. The six days were detailed including what God created or made and how He did it (within our capabilities of understanding). The question of the condition of the earth at the very, very beginning was examined by looking at the first verse as a statement of what God did and the following verses as statements of how God did it.

The first day God created some kind of light. It is most likely an energy source with all spectra included, including visible light. It was not generated from the light sources as we know them. Whatever God's methods, He defined darkness as night and light as day. A discussion was given on the meaning of plural heavens. God called and evening and a morning ONE DAY.

The second day God "separated waters" to make an expanse or firmament. He called the expanse the word heaven. The Hebrew of the lower case heaven means an "expanse" or "space". It could be specific space or general space depending on context. All of this was declared good by God. We know that "good" for God is perfection. This was addressed as the second DAY.

The third day God created land by separating the waters. He called the land earth. The waters He called seas. Again and always, God said it was good. God said this was the third DAY.

The fourth day God put lights in the expanse to separate the day from night. The purposes for the lights were discussed. This is where we believe God made the sun and moon as two independent light sources for earth. They were to control the night and day. All of this was to control signs, seasons, years, and days. Again, this was declared good by God. This was called the fourth DAY.

The fifth day God created all the birds (flying creatures) and water and sea creatures. Yes, He created the monsters of the deep. Since this was the first life God gave, He declared these animals should be fruitful and multiply. All of these creatures were to propagate "in their own kind". This was discussed in detail to support all animals propagate their own kind. They cannot switch between species; but, they can vary within species. In other words, dogs cannot become cats and cats cannot become dogs. However, there can be several kinds of dogs and several kinds of cats. God said it was good. This was the fifth DAY.

The sixth day was exciting. First He "made" the animals of the land. Again, He made them "after their own kind". God saw that it was good. THEN, God made human beings "in His image". The image was discussed resulting in our recognizing that humans were different. We had to answer to God. Within the "made" body of Adam, He "created" a spirit within us that was above all other animals. He created the female, also. God blessed them and told them to be fruitful and multiply. Humans were to subdue the earth. In other words, humans were the dominant, leading creature which God made. We would control and make the world God made work for us. Of course, this would all be under the leadership of God.

God said that He gave all the animals and humans everything they needed to eat (all plants and trees). The animals and humans were not meat eaters. God also said that He gave to Adam all that was necessary to eat and keep up his strength so that he could garden the earth. I always thought that God meant Adam to be a gardener. Instead he became a hard working farmer. More on this in Chapters 2-3. Animals and humans were living together because they did not have any reason to be afraid of each other. Everything had enough to eat; so, there was no food shortage or reason to fight for food. Beautiful world; wasn't it?

At the end of the sixth day (a morning and an evening), God was happy. He was satisfied and He said all was VERY good.

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