Introduction to Abraham Study Article 1
Chapter 12 Introduction
Lord Speaks to Abraham 12:1-9
Abraham Takes Family to Egypt 12:10-20
Reflections on Chapter 12 as Related to Us Today Reflections on 12
Chapter 13 Introduction
Abraham and Lot Prosper in Egypt 13:1-7
To Much Wealth For Abraham and Lot 13:8-13
Lord Speaks to Abraham About Land 13:14-18
Reflections on Chapter 13 as Related to Us Today Reflections on 13
Chapter 14 Introduction
War of the Kings 14:1-12
Abraham Wins the War 14:13-16
Melchizedek's Blessing 14:17-24
Chapter 15 Introduction
God Tells Abraham the Power of the Future Hebrew Nation 15:1-6
God Describes a Single-Sided Covenant with Abraham 15:7-11
God Tells of the Future Hebrew Nation in Egypt 15:12-21
Chapter 16 Introduction
Sarai Gives Hagar to Abraham 16:1-3
Sarai Causes Hagar to Run Away 16:4-6
Angel Comes to Hagar 16:7-9
Angel Makes a Promise to Hagar 16:10-14
Ishmael Is Born 16:15-16
Reflections on Chapter 16 as Related to Us Today Reflections on 16
Chapter 17 Introduction
Lord Speaks to Abraham Again 17:1-4
Lord Changes Abram's Name 17:5
God Tells of Covenant and of Abraham's Descendants 17:6-10
Sign of the Covenant 17:11-14
God Changes Sarai's Name 17:15-16
God Tells of the Coming Isaac 17:17-19
God Tells of Ishmael's Care 17:20
God Tells of Isaac Covenant 17:21-22
Abraham Makes the Sign of Covenant 17:23-27
Chapter 18 Introduction
Three Strangers Come to Abraham 18:1-8
Sarah Laughs at Becoming Pregnant 18:9-15
Two Strangers Go to Destroy Sodom and Gomorrah 18:16-21
Abraham Negotiates with God on Destruction
of Sodom and Gomorrah
Chapter 19 Introduction
Men of Sodom Demand the Two Angels of God 19:1-7
Lot Negotiates with Men of Sodom 19:8-11
Lot is Told to Leave Sodom 19:12-18
Lot Goes Toward Zoar 19:19-22
God Destroys Sodom and Gomorrah 19:23-25
Lot's Wife Becomes Pillar of Salt 19:26
Abraham Examines God's Sodom and Gomorrah 19:27-29
Lot and His Daughters Settle in Mountain 19:30
Lot's Daughters Sin on Lot 19:31-38
Chapter 20 Introduction
Abraham Deceives Abimelech 20:1-7
Abimelech Confronts Abraham about Deception 20:8-13
Abimelech Settles with Abraham 20:14-18
Chapter 21 Introduction
Sarah Conceives Isaac 21:1-7
Hagar and Ishmael Driven Out of Household of Sarah 21:8-14
God Takes Care of Hagar and Ishmael 21:15-21
Abimelech Deals with Abraham 21:22-24
No Water For Abraham 21:25-26
Abraham and Abimelech Form Covenant 21:27-34
Chapter 22 Introduction
God Tells Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac 22:1-8
Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac 22:9-13
Abraham is Greatly Blessed Because of Sacrifice 22:14-19
Some Geneology of Nahor (Abraham's Brother) 22:20-24
Chapter 23 Introduction
Sarah Dies 23:1-2
Abraham Arranges for Burial Site 23:3-17
Abraham Buries Sarah 23:18-20
Chapter 24 Introduction
Abraham Arranges Acquiring Wife for Isaac 24:1-9
Servant Finds Rebekah 24:10-27
Servant being Greeted by Rebekah and Family 24:28-33
Servant Works With Rebekah's Brother to Arrange Rebekah Leaving Family 24:34-50
Servant Gives Gifts for Getting Rebekah 24:51-60
Rebekah Leaves Family 24:61-67
Chapter 25 Introduction
Some Geneology 25:1-4
Abraham Gives Inheritance 25:5-7
Abraham Dies and Is Buried 25:8-10
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