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BJM Enterprises
BJM Enterprises headed by Bill Mandakis (BJM) has been in existence for almost 15 years. At the beginning, we successfully published personalized children's books. Then it expanded to include a craft shop that manufactured high quality bluebird birdhouses. After having been in modeling over 50 years ago and then quiting because of personal conditions, Bill decided to get back into modeling about 7 years ago. Because of the difficulty of obtaining control line products, it was decided to start a good model shop for consulting and sales. He added the control line modeling division in 2002. After these last years, BJM has been very successful in satisfying customers all over the world.

BJM started out with a distributorship for Brodak Manufacturing. This was a established, strong company with a good reputation. To expand the model kit base, BJM later established a distributorship with another strong company of good reputation, RSM Distribution. BJM liked using Polyspan for modeling. So, we then worked up a relationship with FAI Models. They had the Polyspan line plus a multitude of modeling materials and supplies.

To expand the 1/2A modeling line, BJM and Black Hawk Models worked out a good relationship. This company was also a stand-out in the 1/2A models lines and other larger models. Black Hawk has some unique model lines some of which had been forgotten because they were not available. BJM can supply the complete lines of Black Hawk. They include the very well known Walt Musciano and Dick Sarpolus kits.

BJM is a distributor for Fox Manufacturing. They, as most modelers know, have been in existance for more than 50 years with some of the finest model engines. We started working closely with Fox to assure customers received personal assistance in purchasing and using Fox products.

BJM released a first line competition profile stunt model in the Enterprise-PRO. Also, in trying to keep up with the latest in design and technologies, BJM saw the increase in electric models over the past few years. In order to better serve some control line modelers interested in electric, BJM developed a strong distributorship with Hobby-Lobby, one of the best sources for electric materials as well as other model products. Because of this electric trend, BJM has released its answer to the electric interest. It is a full precision stunt model kit with full electric power.

Brodak Manufacturing and Distributing Company, Inc
Brodak Manufacturing opened its doors in 1994 with the goal of reviving control-line building and flying. Control-line building and flying had taken a second seat to the new face of Radio Control modeling. The RC equipment was beginning to get into the pricing that a hobby modeler could afford. For over 60 years control-line modeling had been king. Now it was challenged. Brodak was conceived to offer top-quality materials at the best possible prices. Since then, the growth of control-line has been increasing again.

In 1997, John Brodak organized the first Brodak Fly-In to bring together control-line builders and flyers to help spread the word that control-line is a great sport. The sport is also a good way to bring members of families together. Every year the Fly-In has grown bigger and become highly respected. Those that have been to it claim it is second in the United States only to the Nationals. This contest and the company have become international in breadth.

Most of the Brodak models are kits which are required to be constructed. However, with the growth of ARF (Almost Ready to Fly), RTF (Ready To Fly), and ARC (Almost Ready to Cover) models; John has become the center of this area of modeling. These models require a minimum amount of work to be put into the air. The regular kits vary in complexity from very simple to build to complex. The basic designs are also very strong. This is necessary for the occasional "hard landing" and other "hard ground contacts".
RSM Distribution Company
RSM Distribution was established in December 1989 to provide a source for hard to find control line products that were disappearing quickly from the local hobby shop shelves. By 1992 it became apparent that quality control line kits were simply unavailable. Most manufacturers were eliminating the C/L kits. A control line flyer was forced to obtain a set of plans and scratch build. RSM Distribution decided to get involved in kit design and manufacturing. The popularity of the VSC showed that many control line flyers enjoyed the Old Time and Classic designs with which many of us grew up. INow RSMís primary concentration would be in this class of kits using only "contest" weight balsa. In this way the company could provide kits that were lightweight and capable of contest level performance. In 2001 we started laser cuttering. It offered extreme accuracy and the ability to make very intricate cut patterns. We started with the Warburton Tony and Tucker Special in 1992 and as of May 2006 we produce over 38 kits, adding more kits each year.
Our company policy is to continually seek out new products that can be used by the control line flyer, stock those products or have them manufactured if they are not available and continue to add new control line kits.
Black Hawk Models
Black Hawk Models is proud to produce and sell some of the finest models in the industry. The majority of Black Hawk models are established vintage models originally distributed by Scientific Models. The quality of these models is some of the finest in the industry. Their devotion to their customers and their community makes them stand out.
Black Hawk Models is always willing to work with local hobby dealers in the promotion of their business. They work primarily through reliable, responsible, and knowledgeable distributors or which BJM Enterprises is one.
Walter "Walt" Musciano is a legend in control line flying. An award winning designer and flyer, he is best known for the numerous great designs he created for the Scientific model Company in the 50s and 60s. Black Hawk Models is proud to offer a collection of these designs to the current control line flying community. Walt is a design consultant on these kits, and carry his endorsement to ensure that they meet his design standards. Young modelers will find these designs easy to build and fly, while older modelers will re-live the excitement of their first modeling experiences.
Dick Sarpolus is another well known designer, flyer, and author. Black Hawk Models is proud to present a collection of Dick's 1/2 A profile semi-scale designs. Intended for higher powered engines, these larger size kits are a thrill to fly for sport or in slow combat.
Hobby-Lobby International, Inc..
Although the primary business of Hobby Lobby is considered one of the best sources of radio controlled and remote controlled Electric R/C Airplanes, 3D Aerobatic Planes, Scale Warbird & Military Aircraft, RC Model Sailplanes, Scale Gliders, Glow Engine Model Airplanes, Electric RC Helicopters, Remote Control Boats, Sail Boats and Model Ships. BJM, seeing that the control line industry is moving into electric, decided to partner with Hobby Lobby for most electric products.
Fox Manufacturing Company, Inc
Fox Manufacturing Company has been a leading U.S. manufacturer of model airplane engines, glow plugs, and accessories for over 50 years. Their model airplane engines range from size .15 to 6.4T cu. in., in both remote control and control line models. They now offer GAS model engines too. Fox glow plugs are sold world wide and are manufactured with a platinum/rhodium element.
FAI Model Supplies
FAI Modeling is known for its models and supplies for rubber and gas fueled free flight plus gliders. Although FAI has some materials adaptable to control line, BJM was especially interested in FAI for their supply of Polyspan. This is an excellent heat shrinkable material (not plastic) covering for control line models. It is put on by clear dope and with a heat gun is tightened and then completely clear doped, as usual. This material is being used more for the wings. The material is strong and light and is not put on wet.

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