Marking and numbering
of Beast Followers

v16: The Prophet will be requiring all persons loyal to the Antichrist to be marked for identification. One can imagine during these times there is a great deal of disloyalty. Therefore, a marking is necessary so they can control who "believes" Antichrist can have the food and be able to have businesses, etc. It appears the marking may be on the forehead or wrist. One commentator stated the forehead is probably for the bold person who wants to "brag" about the connected right hand was for the person, such as a woman, concerned about beauty. It may even be invisible (i.e. visible only ultraviolet light). There is no one exempted from this marking: rich or poor, free or slave, man or woman, etc.

v17: This marking apparently is the name of the Antichrist. The Greek charagma means "mark" and is the only place in the Bible this word is used. This marking now becomes necessary for living (such as buy selling, owning property, etc.). Universal credit cards are already are proposed. Universal money is already being proposed by the start of the Euro. Could this be a type of person control associated with world control? It is almost for sure the marking will be different for different people. For example, there will be a marking for the average person; there will be a marking for the officials and government people; there will be a marking for those very close to the Antichrist. The implication in this verse is the marking could be the name or number of the Antichrist.

v18: In ancient Greek there is no word for "a" or "an". Therefore, "the number of a man" could be "the number of man". It could be a clue whether the marking was an individual marking (such as a number assigned to the person) or one universal identification.

Here it is. This is the forever used and misunderstood number in the Bible. The verse says that the number of the Antichrist is six hundred threescore (20 X 3) plus six (666). An explanation may go back to the meaning of biblical numbers. This is major study in itself. The Bibliography has a book on Biblical numbering for anyone interested. Perhaps a study can be held sometime on Biblical numbering. Remember 7 is perfection; 6 is incomplete, imperfect, related to man, and sometimes evil. Therefore, the trinity could be referred to as 777 and the "infernal trinity" could be 666. In summary, the numbering system is most likely Greek. Every letter has a numerical value. Latin is similar. The letter alpha of the Greek alphabet is one; the second letter beta is two; the letter iota means 10; the letter rho means 100; and so on. The value of a word is adding up the values of the letters. IMPORTANT: This is an example of a system. Because people want this power of knowing the number system, many systems have been derived. Depending on the system, people such as Lyndon Johnson and other famous people that are already dead can be assigned 666.

The number 666 has been in controversy for years and years. Is it a code? Is it a name (first, middle, and last name it a number such as a universally understood? It is not known.

"Gematria" is the study of coding words and names with numbers. Unfortunately, numbering systems are different. All people who have devised coding systems can identify many people, phrasing doers, God-like persons, etc. There are many books with explanations. Whatever the answer to this verse, be it known, the Antichrist will be able to identify those who are followers of him and those who are followers of Christ.

The 666 marking could be (depending on the coding system use) Nero, Nimrod (Babylon empire founder), HITL Teitan (form of the Emperor Titus), NapoleonTi (Napoleon's name based on some Greek numerical values).

The number 8 is the Dominical number (of or pertaining to the coming of Jesus). In Hebrew, the word for 8 is Shmoneh. It means "to make fat", "cover with fat", to super-abound, superabundant. Using the Greek numbering system, Is it not remarkable Jesus in the ordinary Greek form is 888 -> a number designating the superabundance of PERFECTION? All of His names used in the New Testament (Lord, Jesus, Christ, Lord Jesus, Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus, Lord Christ, and Lord Jesus Christ are made up of multiples of 8.

Much of the information of this chapter is hard to understand. Why should we care? After the rapture, we will be with Christ. John was giving us information on identification. I believe, all true born-again Christians will recognize the Antichrist coming up into power. There will be a time between the rapture and the start of the tribulation. We don't know how long, possibly days, months, or years. Although he will gradually grow to power, after the rapture he will grow extremely fast because of his covenant with Israel. This will probably include a rebuilding, if not built at that time, of the Temple. This covenant will start the tribulation. I believe if we watch and listen, God is giving us through John the ability to recognize what will be coming. We will then be wiser in making decisions. Who will be our leaders? What will be the grounds on which they stand? What influences are they throwing around? Watch. God is telling us to stay informed.

Cor 1:22

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