v3: Involved with this section, review chapter 7 in the Bible and commentaris of Daniel. This gives the Daniel predictions for what is now being discussed.similar explanations for the Daniel predictions.

Again the Greek "semeion" means sign or wonder. The woman was the "first wonder". The dragon is the second. The two principal characters in Genesis were the woman and the serpent. John now emphasizes the dragon or serpent. The symbolism of this dragon is dramatic. He is shown as a dragon because he is voracious, powerful, and vicious. Some say he is red from the blood of the martyrs. Others say the red is the sign of Satan's destinatin, hell. Almost all scholars see the 10 horns as representing 10 kings or rulers. They are said to lend their support to the Antichrist. The 10 are rulers of the Roman Empire "of the last days" or the Revived Roman Empire. They are then usually referred to as some sort of Euro-Mediteranean Confederation of the end-times. It appears these 10 will be the Antichrist's "henchmen" during the Trib. The seven heads and crowns means "complete' (7 again) "power' (horns) over the countries. These leaders will be further studied in chapter 17. The dragon is Satan.

v4: Angels are frequently referenced in the Bible by stars. Even Lucifer, Satan, is referred to as "morning star". This dragon has a tail. Satan took 1/3 of the stars, angels (his angels). After Lucifer's rebellion, God throws Satan and the evil angels and throws them onto the earth. Satan and his demons work on all of us. Satan now waits to devour the baby. This is a "reenactment" of the actions of Herod as directed by Satan. In Ezekiel 28, Satan (was called Lucifer) rebelled against God. We are told 1/3 of the angels followed him out of Heaven.

Remember, in life there is always someone trying to be born to a higher life; but, there is always a power of evil waiting to devour that reborn life.

Dan 2:42,44; 7:6-7, 20, 24; Matt 2:1-20; Job 38:7; Ezek 28:11-13

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