First Seal
(First Horseman - White - Symbolic False Christ)


v1: Jesus now starts the historical sequence that will start God's promises of His righteousness. God always said that there would be a time when all will start "paying" for not accepting Jesus and turning their lives around.

We have had the rapture of the church in chapter 4. THIS NOW DESCRIBES THE START OF THE TRIBULATION.

The Lion "creature" shows John the results of the breaking of the first seal. We know it is the lion by inference. The other creatures are identified more specifically as can be seen by reading v3.

v2: The white horse "seems" to be righteousness, peace, and holiness. FAKE! This could not be as it appears because of this horse rider's relationship with the other three horses of the Apocalypse. They are obviously not for the good of humanity.
(Matt. 24:5) Keep in mind that God is in complete control of all situations. Therefore, whatever the Antichrist does is allowed by God. At any time He could stop the Antichrist. However, since God gave us "free will" and many still did not turn to God, He allowed the Antichrist to retain his power. Now God is essentially begging all to still come to Him. Otherwise God will have to start the worst trials that the world has ever known (Matt. 24:21-22)

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Hence, the misleading and false "savior of the world" is symbolized by the similar white horse. He has a bow and no crown - then he gets a crown given to him. In effect, he is given the crown of leadership: but, it is temporary. It "appears" he is given the ability to kill with a leadership position (has a bow and crown is given). However, he has no arrows. He will not be given the total power to do as he wishes. This probably symbolizes the early years (first 3-1/2 years) of his dominance. He will be well liked and followed because of his outward dedication to peace. But, he has other plans. Keep in mind also that Satan and the Antichrist KNOW their time is limited. They will try to win people over to their side. However, the relative peace will last only 3-1/2 years. He was still doing evil things during the first of the Tribulation. Do not get this confused with the person (Christ) on the white horse in Chapter 19. The Greek makes some distinctions - Diademata Polla -> "crowns many" for chap 19 vs Stephanos -> "wreath-crown" for chap 6, Hromphaia oxeia -> "sword sharp" in chap 19 vs toxon -> "bow' in chap 6.

Some feel the horse and rider are not representing any person but the ideas of false peace. It is hard to come up with the justification of that. The primary reason that is felt is the remaining three horses do not appear to represent people. Therefore, to be consistent, the white horse should possibly be the same

Don't confuse first seal white horse with chapter 19 white horse.

Matt. 24:3-5; 7:15; II Thes. 2; Luke 21; Mark 13

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