First Trumpet
(hail, fire, blood)

Trumpets are used throughout the Bible for various reasons, anywhere from music through heralding of news. It was used for special pronouncements and celebrations. Also, it was used as alarms for times of war and in coronations of kings. Remember the trumpets and the walls of Jericho (Josh. 6 starts the taking of Jericho). Now God is heralding the day of God's wrath.

The next four judgments brought by the first four trumpets are grouped together because of the devastation that came about. Some of the judgments are known phenomenon even today. God will use whatever works. If there are special fears by natural phenomenon, He will use it.

The first angel now blows the first trumpet. Hail and fire mixed with blood are now thrown to the earth. This is the first of the great trumpet judgments. Now 1/3 Earth on fire', 1/3 trees burned; all grass burned. It is still not clear whether 1/3 of the whole earth or 1/3 of a geographical area. The Greek word "Ge" can be used as earth or land. Is this to fulfill Ezek 38-22.

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The first mention is hail. Hail in the Bible is usually a symbol of divine vengeance. It has often been used for divine punishment (Exod. 9:23; Ps. 105:32; Ps. 78:48). The fire sometimes is also associated with hail. It can also mean lightning.

We are still reading about what John sees. THe hail is mingled with blood should be considered for its symbology. Basically, it looks to the people on earth as colored hail. This is a phenomenon that does occur, especially with rain and snow. It was viewed with terror by the ancient people. It was an indication of blood that was to be shed. This has been proven in modern times. In the last couple of hundred of years it has been found in places like Baffin Bay (1819; ice area between Greenland and Canada), Mount Bernard (1778), on the Pyrenees, and Italian Alps. This was snow that was red-pigmented algae.

Scripture says that one-third of the earth and one-third of the trees were burned and destroyed by the fire. Wherever the hail and fire settled, all the grass in that area was consumed. The trees can be assumed to naturally be able to withstand storms. It can also be assumed the destruction of the grass would also destroy all vegetation, i.e. land-grown food.

Exod 9-32-25; Ezek 38:22

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