Climax of this Armageddon Age

The four Alleluias

General: The nineteenth chapter of Revelation is one of the peak chapters of all scripture. It goes from the great Hallelujahs to the awaited union of Christ and His Bride; then to His glorious return to earth; then, finally, to the battle of the ages. The major conflict of all the ages is almost over. Babylon is gone, annihilated.The dragon (Satan), the beast (the antichrist), and the false prophet are heading for the last great battle of the earth. It is really a war between heaven and hell. All the kings of the earth have been gathered to the final war against God. They are gathering and filling the spaces from Armageddon to Edom (southeast of Dead Sea). Heaven is preparing also: gathering the angels and the raptured saints. John has been looking on all to happen. Now he is anxious to find out the end.

v 1-2: Now John hears a great voice say the first Alleluia of the Great Revelation Alleluia Chorus. [There are several spellings that will be seen for Alleluia (hallelujah, halleluiah, alleluia.] This is a major praise session for the Lord (Salvation, glory, honor, and power). This is truly the great "Halleluia Chorus".

"Alleluia" is in the NT, but is purely a Hebrew word. It literally means "Praise ye the Lord" (hallal - "praise"; Yah - "Jehovah"). In the past, people praised God for His glory, honor, and power. NOW they can praise God for His Salvation. Jesus paid the redemption price; therefore, now salvation is close after the final destruction of Satan and his empire.

God's judgments have been issued. They are righteous in their need and implementation. All people and systems that oppressed believers have been avenged. The long plea for God to avenge His own elect (Luke 18:7-8). God said that vengeance was His (Rom. 12:19).

v3: The second Alleluia is shouted while watching the Harlot church (fall of Babylon) smoke. (Gr: "unto the ages of the ages.")

Remember: the "church" in the NT is not a building. The Greek ekklesia -> "ek" + "kaleo" -> out of + call = a "called out" believer.

The scripture "smoke rose up" probably refers to the eternal destiny of the lost souls rather than burning buildings.

v4: The third Alleluia is given by the 24 elders and the 4 "living creatures". They worship God together with a great Alleluia. The word "worship" means to bow down to the will of God. This acknowledges the God is true and what He does is right.

Amen, Hallelujah -- "So be it - praise the Lord!"

v5-6: Now is the time for the fourth Alleluia. The voice coming out of the throne must be Jesus. Jesus specifically says to praise our God.

Scripture "the voice of many waters" is describing, as only John can describe, a sound transcending any voice our human ears can hear. The word ebasileusen -> "reigneth" is probably saying "Alleluia: for the ....... omnipotent has demonstrated His reign" by destroying the apostate church.

An important point: Some may consider this total destruction of the apostate church an awful, unloving thing to do. The four "living creatures" are glorifying God for this feat. The creatures only "job", to the best of our knowledge, is to glorify God's eternal holiness. Don't belittle God's infinite love and mercy. However, there comes time when the unrepentant MUST be judged. That time is here!

Psa 146:1,10 (Alleluia); 148:11-12; 149:1,7-9; 150:1,6; Isa 34:10

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