Fourth Seal
(Fourth Horseman - Pale, yellow-green)

v7: The eagle "creature" shows John the results of the breaking of the fourth seal. Again the voice says to come and see what is being presented by God.

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v8: The various versions of the Bible will use the words "pale", "ashen", and "green" to describe the fourth horse of the apocalypse. The Greek Chloros is the word from which we get Chlorophyll. The symbol refers to sickly green and dying tissue of Death. "Hades", the unseen world, trails behind this horse and rider to gather up victims. God now unleashes man to start fully destroying one another. One fourth of the earth (may mean 1/4 of mankind; but, probably means the people in 1/4 of the geographical area of the earth. The Greek word Ge is a word meaning earth not people. Therefore, this is not necessarily 1/4 of the people. The Greek word for beast is theerion definitely means a wild, dangerous, or benomous beast. Note the sword which shows the ability to kill.

Death is the place of the body; Hell is the home of the departed spirits. Hell following the horseman appears to fit the idea that the deaths that this horseman cause would be so numerous that Hell following the horseman would be the effective way of collecting all the victims.

Some commentaries describe the meaning of the word death is really pestilence. However, the Greek word used thanatos means death. The word for pestilence is loimos is not used. Therefore, true death of human beings is what is meant.

There are four judgments declared:
  • To kill with the sword - true war to kill people
  • To kill with hunger - famine, starvation
  • To kill with death - pestilence, disease
  • To kill with animals - wild animals (lions, hyenas, wolves, etc. - consequences of the death and starvation)
Take a good look now at all four of the terrible four seal openings.

Rev 1:18, 9:15; 2 Kings 2:24; Ezek 14:21

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