Fourth Trumpet
(Sun, Moon, stars)

v12: The fourth trumpet is sounded. Now 1/3 of sun, moon and stars Darkened. A part of the day is dark; a part of the night is dark; when sun shining a third of the sky is obscured. See the scriptures also from the references made in the Third Trumpet commentary. Don't put anything past God. Remember dark came about in the 9th plague of Egypt and at the crucifixion, SUPERNATURALLY.

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Again, some scholars try to make fit the fall of certain rulers or kings to be the references here. However, they still do not fit the Bible. When I say "does not fit", one must look at not only what the Bible says but what transpired in history. Throughout the Bible there are actions that could fit real life events that have already past. The problem is it is just a suggestion because most of the time what comes after the real time event does not fit what God says should come next. So, make sure in your reading of other sources that they follow up on what comes next. Otherwise, I would stick to the words in the Bible sequence until there is evidence otherwise.

There will be chaos; people will have no way to go. The consideration of the use of atomic weapons can cause total covers of light for long periods of time.

v13: At this point, there is a special distinction of the next 3 trumpets out (just as the differences of the 4 horsemen seals and the rest of the seals). They are called the Woes. There is a difference in the translations between the KJV and most other versions. The Greek for eagle (aetos) and angel (angellos) are translated differently. If an eagle is the announcer of the woes, then the scholars can try to refer to the Roman empiire because the eagle was the symbol for Rome. However, it the angel is the announcer of the woes, that seems to fit the job an angel has: to announce and be a messenger. The eagle was used throughout the Bible for other than the Roman empire. It was a symbol of keen eyesight and the ability to see much at one time (Ezek. 17:3-10; Deut. 29:49; Isa. 40:31)So there is a forecasting the terrible Woes are coming by saying Woe, Woe, Woe.

Exod 10:21-23; Mat 27-.45

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