Gog and Magog (GM)

General: After 1000 years of a perfect human life environment,there are still unsaved man and women on earth who are ready to rebel against the Lord if they get a chance. There was all finds of food, spiritual instruction from the ultimate, no crime, no war, no temptation to sin, communications and vision of resurrected saints and Jesus. But that was not enough.

v 7: Now the 1000 years is over. As promised, Satan is loosed from his "chains". Jesus is in control on earth. He has ruled for 1000 years. He had the saints with Him to exercise His authority. As previously stated, Satan must be loosed to give a last chance opportunity for the people of the millennium to choose him or Jesus. One would think, if you are living in "Utopia", that you would follow your leader without question and love Him for the wonderful life. That is not the case. These people would not come from the generation entering the millennium. They would come from the many generations occurring during the millennium. There would be people who passed on stories and history of the "past years". There would be some "romance" of those past years that would excite some people to want to have that life. There is no Satan to drive evil; however, the evil is in the hearts. So the first opportunity they have of releasing the inner feelings, they will do it. So when Satan is loosed, they are "free" to let loose.

v 8: Remember, Satan is a master deceiver. So, Satan now goes out to deceive the nations over all the earth. He will be successful in getting many people to follow him. He will find the most receptive people among those who were ancient enemies of the Lord -- God and Magog.

The names/terms of associated with Gog and Magog are in question. Much of the biblical documentation is in Ezekiel (Ezek. 38-39). Here is a summary of the historical implications of Gog and Magog.

After the flood, the sons of Noah went out to inhabit the world. One of Noah's sons was Japheth. Magog is the name of one of Japhet's seven sons. Each of his sons went out and started other peoples. For example: Gomer went out and founded those whom the Greeks call the Galatians. Magog founded the Magogites whom the Greeks call the Scythians. It was located north of the Black and Caspian Seas. This Scythia eventually became Russia. M

Gog of the Magogites is said to be the leader of evil forces who fought in a war against Yahweh (God). The Gog and Magog of Ezekiel were different people and different locations. However, a similar parallel in Revelation is Gog and Magog fighting with Satan against God after Satan's 1000 years in bonding. Ezekiel's prophecy is apparently based on Jeremiah's sermons against a northern oppressor. This may have been Gyges, king of Lydia, who later with Egypt (676 BC) conquered Assyria. Magog is used as a Hebrew construction meaning, "place of Gog".

v 9: Satan and his army will surround the saints and the city of Jerusalem. Suddenly, God wrath will come to its peak. It will probably seem like a heaven of fire. This phenomenon will devour and completely destroy Satan and his followers. The followers will look to their leader who will now know -- he is defeated. Now we are ready for the second resurrection.

v 10: Satan will be cast finally into the lake of fire and brimstone. This is where the beast and the false prophet are already located. Recall that the beast (Antichrist) and the False Prophet were cast into the fire (Rev. 19:20); but, Satan was chained (Rev. 20:1-3). Remember, Hell is not annihilation; it is torment. This is the area of theology that drives some people into great debates. What is Hell? Is it real? Could God really ETERNALLY make anyone suffer? Yes; it is real. Yes; God could. Remember from the beginning of time when God was communicating to us through the Bible, He said the wages of sin is death. He said He hated sin. He said vengeance is His. He followed through with Revelation. What more could we ask or see or hear to persuade us. That is one of the reasons some people still did not convert and follow God during the Tribulation and during the millennium. It is hard for some to understand that God means what He says.

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