Great Judgment Day

General: These verses identify those who will be judged at the Throne.

v 11: John sees the throne again. He also saw who sat upon it. Since he has not seen God, he is probably looking at Jesus. It appears here that the earth and heaven (not the second or third heavens) disintegrate before John. Now there is no place for anyone.

The fire from heaven that did the final destruction to Babylon must have been so powerful as to totally consume the earth. Certainly this shows the power of God. Peter completely predicts this type of phenomenon ( 2 Peter 3:7, 10-12).

v 12: After the 1000 years and the war, the rest of the dead from verse 5 ware raised. There is no place for those who offended God and rebelled against God. The throne indicates great authority - God. Great for infinite majesty of God and white for absolute spotless holiness of God.

The offenders will want to flee in fright but have not place to hide. They MUST BE JUDGED. John sees all the dead for Hades raised.

Scripturally, there appear to be three books of God. One could be called the Book of Works, one is called the Book of Life, and the other one is the Book of Life of the Lamb (Rev. 13:8). The Book of Works> is the listing of all the sins of the people that are not in the other two books of Life. The Book of Life is the book of the listings of all conceived people God made with the possibility of eternal life with God. Somewhere in life, many turned their backs on God. Those names were "blotted out" of the Book of Life (Rev. 3:5; Exod. 32:33; Psa. 69:28). The Book of Life of the Lamb has the names of all saved people. Names CANNOT be blotted out of this book. Most likely, this book has only names from the New Testament times. So, it appears none of the Book of Words people will be saved; all of the remaining names in the Book of Life will be saved; all of the names in the Book of Life of the Lamb will be saved.

All the dead stand before God with the Book of Life opened. The dead are the people who rejected Jesus. Now they are resurrected to face the Throne Judgment. Remember, ALL unbelievers are spiritually dead even when they are bodily alive (Eph. 2:1; Luke 16:18-31). The dead were judged fairly by God for their works. But, all are condemned (Rom).

This time for the condemned will NOT be a reunion time with others. It will be a time for torment. In summary:

  • A place of Consciousness (Luke 16:23-24)
  • A place of Torment (Luke 16:23-24,28)
  • A place of Darkness (Matt 8:12)
  • Eternal Separation from loved ones who are believers (Luke 13:28)
  • No Hope of Release (Matt 25:46; Heb 6:2)
  • Torment of Memory in Hell (Luke 16:27-28)

Believers also sinned but because they accepted Christ, Christ already paid for their sins.

Dan 7:9-10; John 5:22,27-30; 11:25-26, 43-44; Luke 5:8; 7:11-17; 8:49-56; Rom 3:23; Isa 6:5; 1 Kings 17:17-24

v 13: Even the sea gave up its dead which occurred in previous judgments. They were judged just as all the others were judged (as described in the v12). These are also the people that were "blotted out" of the Book of Life.

v 14-15Now "death and hell" are cast into the lake of fire. The words "death and hell" represent everyone whose body had been dead until the second resurrection when whose souls had been locked in Hell. Now the dead are cast into the Lake of Fire for the Second Death. Believers are in the book of Life. Rev 3:5 says his name is not blotted out; only his sins (Acts). The second death, as explained before, is the eternal death after the normal death of the body (first death). Believers have only one death, the body death. They will not have a second death into hell.

NOTE: What would happen to the people that are alive when Christ comes? The believers would have NO death. That is because they do not have a First or body death (except for the replacement of the earthly body with the heavenly body) and believers do not have a Second death, . The unsaved would have one death. That is the death into hell. In other words, there is no FIRST death if you are alive when Christ comes.

Phil 4:3; Matt 5:22, 29-30; 7:21-23; Acts 3:19

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