Michael/Dragon War

v7: This looks like an interlude within an interlude. The normal interlude we have been experiencing tells something about what is going on or history of what is going on. This interlude is history needed before the relationship to Revelation can be seen. You will see what is meant as time goes on.

The following few verses seem to go way back when Satan and his angels fell from God's glory. However, they still operate in full force. As you can see in the world now, there are evil actions and operations going on at all times. As a Christian we believe in free will to counter the powers of evil. However, we are weak; so, we succumb sometimes (Eph. 2:2; 6:12). Now the great archangel Michael (means in Hebrew "Who-is-like-God") and his angels enter the picture. SInce the fall of Satan, God has allowed Satan and his angels to continue their evil influences. Also, since then, it is believed, Michael has been at war with Satan (1 Thes. 4:16-17). Remember, Michael is at war when he was on his way to see Daniel ( Dan. 10:12-13; [10:12-13 commentary]; Dan. 10:20; [10:20 commentary]). God threw Satan out of heaven down to earth. His angels went with him. It is not sure when this war occurred. It may have been "before time" to just before the Trib. One thought is this "tossing Satan out" occurred at mid Trib. This may have been the entering or endwelling of Satan into the Antichrist, the death of the two witnesses, and the Abomination of Desolation.

v8: Now Michael is allowed to completely engage in the all out war with Satan. God has been restraining Michael and allowing Satan to do as he wishes. The act of evil in the world affected people because they had to make choices. Sometimes the choices were wrong. When the person was willing to continue following evil, by free will, he would eventually have to pay for it with God. If the person repented to God, he was forgiven and could start again. All this time God was with us, wanting us to repent and follow His ways. Now Michael wins. Satan is out of heaven. How and with what will Michael's and Satan's fight we could not imagine. Angels cannot be killed or injured by ordinary means known on earth.

v9: Here is a piece of trivia: this verse is the middle of the whole book of Revelation.

The dragon or presentation of Satan with his demon angels is cast out of heaven. It is stated that he deceives the entire world. The assertion of the whole world is described very well in the following quote from The Revelation Record section 12:9: "Note especially the amazing assertion that he has been the deceiver of the whole world. Educated and ignorant, king and pauper, male and female, Jew and Gentile, strong and weak, young and old, black and white—all are deceived by him. All the world’s high-sounding philosophies, conceived ever so brilliantly by profound thinkers-whether pragmatism, idealism, gnosticism, determinism, hedonism, materialism, transcendentalism, existentialism, deism, or any of countless others, and regardless of the eminence of the geniuses with whose names they are associated—Aristotelianism, Platonism, Hegelianism, Marxism, Maoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Kantianism, Freudianism—all are man-originated, man-centered, and man-honoring, rather than God-originated, God-centered, and God-honoring. They are all merely varieties of humanism, rather than theism, exalting man rather than God and thus helping to carry out Satan’s attempt to dethrone God." "That old serpent" is a reflection back to Genesis. Satan is permitted access to God. Devil is diabolos which means "a slanderer". Therefore, he accuses and slanders the people of God. Satan is no respecter of people (i.e. one is more important or special than the other) just as God. How can he persuade so easily? He has to persuade men that god is NOT the ultimate reality; the universe is the only eternal entity. Space, time, matter, energy, motion, etc. are the only eternal absolutes. ALL others systems are in a perpetual state of evolutionary change. If Satan can persuade men to question, doubt, modify, compromise God's Word, disobey, reject and destroy God's Word, he will defeat God's purposes of creation. In actuality, then, God Himself will then be God no more. If we think about what is happening today, we can see all these activities at work.

v10: John hears a loud voice in heaven saying that salvation is here with the strength, kingdom, and power of Christ. When the heavens are cleaned out of the evil entities, there will be victory cries. The "accuser" or abuser, of "our brethren" is referring to those who belonged to the redeemed church, and whose brethren were still suffering persecution and trial on the earth.

v11: This verse speaks of the martyrs. The "brethren" overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb. There are many people that say the blood is the governing factor in salvation. Being "washed in the blood of the Lamb" is a concept that is sometimes misunderstood. It is not the blood of Christ that saves; it is the death that caused the blood that counts. For example, if Jesus pricked His finger (his blood is let), that would not cause salvation to occur. But, Jesus' death and therefore that blood being let is the important thing. That was the same in the Old Testament sacrifices. It was the death of the sacrifice that was accepted by God for removal of sins. Now that Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected, we have to give the "word of their testimony" which is the speaking out of their belief in Christ. Their belief is even unto death.

v12: Why Satan would go through this trouble as he has for thousands of years is beyond us. It is known that he, himself, knows he has a short time to do his evil things. He has to work very hard to get people to turn to him, away from God. During the Tribulation, Satan has only 3-1/2 years to complete what he has to do (until he is imprisoned for 1000 years). Woe be to all of us for the wrath of Satan. The greatest persecution in the history of the world yet lies ahead.

The oldest manuscripts do not have the phrase "the inhabiters of". The KJV retains the phrase. It is the inhabitants that are affected. Therefore, the phase was added in the KJV to include the phrase because of the implied meaning. It is hard to understand the woe to be on the physical land and sea; it is meant to be the inhabitants of. The "inhabitants of the sea" is thought to be referring to those people who live off the sea.

Eph 6:12; Gen 3:1; Job 1:6-12; 2:1-7; Exod 12:3,13; Matt 8:29; Dan 12:1; Rom 10:9-10; Luke 10:18

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