Who is Satan?

There are always questions associated with Satan. Who was/is he? When was he "born"? What made him bad? Why can't (or won't) God put an end to Satan? etc. This article is to give some additional information about Satan; specifically Lucifer and his fall.

Isaiah 14 really tells about the fall of the angel Lucifer. In Hebrew Lucifer means "day star". Remember, we discussed before another name used in the Bible for angel is star.

Doesn't is seem peculiar to have an angel, one of God's special creations, to rebel against God? We must remember, although angels are special in many ways, and we were made "a little lower than the angels" (Heb. 2:7-9), they still have the same free will. Satan was the fallen angel, Lucifer. Paul calls it the "mystery of iniquity" pertaining how God's perfection could allow a Satan (2 Thes 2:7).

It is interesting to note there are at least 29 different names for Satan in the Bible. Here are the scriptures; read them and try to find the names for Satan. Note the exact reference may be different for other versions of the Bible.

Isa 14:12 (2 names) Eph 2:2 (2 names)
Matt 4:3; 12:24 (2 names); 13:19; 13:28 1 Thes 3:5
John 8:44 (3 names); 12:31; 14:30; 16:11 1 Peter 5:8 (2 names)
2 Cor 4:4; 6:15; 12:7 Rev 9:11 (4 names); 12:9 (3 names); 12:10

Lucifer fell because of the five "I will" statements in the following scripture:

Isaiah 14
12 "How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations!
13 But you said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, And I will sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north.
14 'I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.'"

It appears Satan was classified as a cherub (Eze 28;12-17). This passage tells what Lucifer "was". A Cherub was a beautiful, working, and powerful angel. Yes, a Cherub has four wings; the Seraphim have six wings. The Seraphim praise God.

Greed, pride, jealousy, ambition, envy, and coveting were the causes of the fall. He was an all powerful and very beautiful angel. In addition to his wanting to be above God, some say part of the reason for the fall was his jealousy of Man being saved and being equivalent; man may possibly replace some other fallen angels. None of his angelic characteristics were lost because of the fall. He is a spirit immune to pain, injury, sickness, death, and human discomfort. (Some say the lack of understanding human discomfort is why angels do not sing. They speak, praise, work, etc. but they do not appear to sing.) Only God can destroy Satan, although he won't be destroyed. God will eventually put him into perpetual torture.

We know Satan took an "army" of angels with him when he was thrown down to earth. We do not know the reasons for the fallen angels. It appears some of Satan's angels were bad enough to still be held in bondage. The rest of the fallen angels work the earth just as Satan does. Satan and his army are constantly on the attack creating dissonance, discomfort, wars, etc.

When Lucifer fell is in some controversy. Some say the fall of Lucifer was immediately after Creation. Others say, the war between Michael went on for some time (may still be going on). We know for sure it was before the fall in the Garden because he was the serpent.

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