Second Seal
(Second Horseman - Red - Blood)

v1: The ox or calf "creature" shows John the results of the breaking of the second seal. Some Bible versions have the words "come and see" (KJV) rather than just "come" (NASB). Neither will change the sense of the passage. It seems logical that "come and see" would be something that would be said.

v2: Now the bloodshed starts. The world has tried to solve its own problems and could not. Now God steps in with the second horse of the apocalypse - the red horse. The lies and deceptions start. The sword and blood color depict the start of the Antichrist's terror. No peace on earth now.

©Salem Kirban, Inc.

The word for red purrhos should be translated "fiery red". The term "fiery red" was associated with the Latin flamen pagan priesthood of Rome. This was a diademed priest. Remember a diadem is an earned rather than bestowed leadership designated by the crown. The assignment of a red hat to a cardinl in the Catholic church may have oringated from this flamen priesthood.

Zech 1-8:11; 6:1-8; Rev 17:3, 6, 12, 13; Matt 7:15-20; Ezek 38:11-12

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