Third Trumpet
(Failing star)

v10: Now the third angel sounds the third trumpet. This is a sign that another thing is about to happen. When it sounded, great star fell from heaven burning like a torch. It poisoned (making bitter and undrinkable) 1/3 of all fresh water on earth. There are many people that try to make these words fit actual wars and fighting that have already occurred. However, when studying the events of these people, they simply don't fit the sequence of events that God decreed.

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Adam Clark in his New Testament commentary (referenced in Bibliography) says: "Some say the star means Attila and his Huns, others, Genseric with his Vandals falling on the city of Rome; others, Eleazer, the son of Annus, spurning the emperorís victims, and exciting the fury of the Zealots; others, Arius; infecting the pure Christian doctrine with his heresy, etc., etc. It certainly cannot mean all these; and probably none of them. Let the reader judge." Something falling from heaven has been said to refer to a superior person like a king or ruler that "pounds" on its subject. It could also be what it seems to infer: something falling from heaven. The Greek "aster" refers to any heavenly body. It does not necessarily mean a star (which is what our own sun is). It could be anything from a asteroid, foreign body, (how about a fiery spaceship), space "garbage", etc. There are other scripture readings that clearly refer to the sky rather than to rulers (Matt. 24:29; Mark 13:25-27).

v11: Wormwood, the name given to this "falling", is actually a non-poisonous but very bitter plant found in the Middle East. Within the bible, the term wormwood is used to indicate bitterness and sorrow. Certainly, this is very appropriate here. The chemicals from a heavenly object could very well penetrate the fountains, springs, and wells (Greek pege means any of these) of waters. Keep in mind what we have been saying since we started Revelation: God always wants to have people turn to Him. He could, obviously, allow the death of all. But He does not WANT death for all. He wants us to go to Him. Therefore, only 1/3 damages are done. Again, giving us another chance. Remember, Jesus said if God the Father did not stop the judgments, there would not be any one left.

John 4:6; Deut 29-18; Prov 5-4; Jer 9-15; 23:15; Amos 5:7

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