Woman Flees Dragon

v6: If the woman represents Israel, this verse says that Israel hides or goes away from the persecution. What persecution? This appears to be placement of God's people because God prepared the place and will feed the woman. The wilderness referred to then and now is the desert and rocky lands in the Holy Land. If one is in Jerusalem and he goes to the wilderness, the person is going into the sand and desert and rocks of the surrounding areas. The people of Israel flee for safety for 1260 days (3-1/2 years). This is a sign Israel will be persecuted for 3-1/2 years (referring to the 2nd half of Trib). The reasons it appears that it is the second half of the tribulation are:
  • fleeing into the wilderness indicates moving away from the uncontrolled persecution that will happen in the second half of the tribulation;
  • God will protect them;
  • the time of the tribuation for uncontrolled persecution is 3-1/2 years.
In the first part of the tribulation, Israel and the system of the antichrist make an agreement or covenant for peace. So for the first half the Jews feel "safe". However, in the middle, the antichrist essentially becomes Satan in actions. Now the Jews are not safe and must flee. Being God's chosen people, God will protect them. Now they must prepare for the final 3-1/2 years.

It appears in Zecharia that 2/3 of Israel will be lost to the persecution (Zech. 13:8-9). We have already discussed that the saved Israelites will remnant or a small number of the total. The Israelites are not strangers to persecution. They are being persecuted today. Jesus speaks of the terrible persecution starting in the middle of the terrible times (tribulation). It will start at the Abomination of Desolation which is at the beginning of the second half (Matt. 24:15-21). Jesus even states this will all occur AS DANIEL WROTE.

Dan 12:l; 9:27

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